Tangible Asset Management

Swiss Investors Corporation Limited does not promote nor offer any licensable asset management services to the broad public. We actually despise the classic asset management business. Common asset management today means selling insurance linked or asset price linked investment products or indirect non-tangible assets to clients. Most of the time the only tangible service is pushing a button. It means making fees off your client no matter which way of performance the investment product takes. We are disgusted by big institutional asset managers earning money off their clients, instead of for their clients.


We on the other side focus on utmost care for our own and our highest net worth business partners’, family’s and friends’ tangible assets. Precious metals items (such as gold and silver bars and coins), jewellery, antiques, art and rare collectibles require hard hands-on work including logistics, storage, travelling, bureaucracy etc. This Tangible Asset Management is our focus at Swiss Investors Corporation Services.