1.    Who can buy from Swiss Investors Corporation?


Anyone can buy from Swiss Investors Corporation. Our clients range from private collectors, investors, banks, fonds to speculators and accumulators. Regardless of quantity or specifications, we at Swiss Investors Corporation can fulfill your needs.


2.    What is the origin of your bars?

Our gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars come from well-known refineries based in Europe. Swiss Investors Corporation sources goods directly from refineries in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. All of our suppliers are ISO9001 certified. Only with such long-term experience and flawless track-record on hand we can fully guarantee for the authenticity and quality of our gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars. Details of our suppliers are disclosed to customers on request.


3.    What is the purity of your bars?

The precious metal bars sold by Swiss Investors Corporation adhere strictly to international market standards and come from certified refineries only. Our silver bars for sale contain no less than 99,9 % fine silver. Our gold bars for sale contain no less than 99.99% fine gold. Our palladium and platinum bars for sale are of 999.5% purity.


4.    What is the origin of your coins?

Our gold and silver coins are from renowned refineries and mints worldwide. Swiss Investors Corporation only deals with certified suppliers to ensure the authenticity of our products.


5.    Do the bars come with a certificate?

Normally, most bars do not come with a refinery certificate. With the serial number stamped on each bar and mentioned on your receipt one can prove the track record of each bar back to the refinery with Swiss Investors Corporation being the distributor. Upon request Swiss Investors Corporation will issue a certificate with the particulars of the bar. We fully understand customers’ concerns regarding receiving a certificate. On request we issue signed and stamped certificates confirming authenticity and quality of our products.


6.    What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. If this time is inconvenient for you please make an appointment for another time. The sales office telephone number is +852 2511 1130.


7.    Do I need to make an appointment?

Customers are always welcome to visit our sales office in Sheung Wan during office hours (weekdays 10am-6pm) without prior notice. If you plan to take more time to look through our inventory or wish to schedule a confidential meeting please contact us at +852 2511 1130 or info@swiss-investors.com.


8.    What is the buying procedure?

If you decide to purchase precious metals from Swiss Investors Corporation, there are three ways in which you may make a purchase:

·      Cash and Carry
Upon arrival at our office we show you samples and provide you with a quote for the precious metals goods of your choice. Once you have paid the said amount in cash, you are free to take the items paid for. For cash purchases of HKD 8000 or more, please bring your ID.

·      Bank deposit
The second way is to deposit money into one of our bank accounts after having confirmed a quote with us either on the phone or in person at our office. Conveniently, there is an HSBC branch right across our office and a Hang Seng Bank branch only 5min walking distance. When you come to collect your items, please bring the deposit slip.

·      Bank wire transfer
having confirmed a quote with us either on the phone or in person at our office, you may choose to transfer the agreed amount to one of our bank accounts. Bank fees are to be born by the payer. Once the transfer is completed, you may take the items paid for.


9.    What are Swiss Investors Corporation’s bank details?

Our bank details can be found in the bank account page of the home page. If you have any trouble making a transfer, please call us under +852 2511 1130.


10.  What is the location of your sales office?

Our office is located in
Office 1602, 16/F Gee Tuck Building, 16-20 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Our office is only 1 minute walk from Exit A2 of Sheung Wan MTR station. Please see our location page for the map of the area. For help please call the sales office +852 2511 1130.


11.  Do you have stock in the office?

Yes, we do have sample pieces of our inventory in the office. Please refer to the gold, silver, palladium, platinum page for our precious metals available for pickup. If you wish to order larger quantities of precious metals items please talk to our professional staff in advance.

Please refer to our antiques and jewelry page for the selection of our antiques and jewelry.


12.  Are you open during lunch time?

Yes, we are open during lunch time.


13.  Is there any discount on high volume purchases?

High volume purchase discounts are granted on orders starting at 100 kg of Silver or 5 kg of Gold and up. Please feel free to contact us for the precise quote regarding your order.


14.  Do you have delivery services?

We offer delivery services for large orders of precious metals goods, starting with 50 kg Silver or 1 kg Gold and up.


15.  How much do you charge for delivery?

The transportation fee varies depending on the weight of the goods and destination. For the exact quote, please call us at +852 2511 1130 or email us at info@swiss-investors.com


16.  Are my purchases insured during transportation?

Yes, Swiss Investors Corporation fully insures your delivery while in transit.


17.  Do you have storage services?

We are able to store your precious metals for you. With the Swiss Investors Storage Program, you can store your precious metals securely on a segregated and allocated basis. During the storage period, your precious metals are fully insured and safe.


18.  How much do you charge for your storage services?

The annual storage fee including insurance and administration is 1% of the initial purchase value. For further information please refer to the Storage page and give us a call at +852 2511 1130.


19.  Do you buy-backbars and coins?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for a real time buy-back quote. Swiss Investors Corporation also buys jewelry scrap and any other precious metals items. Please refer to our Sell to us page for further information.


20.  What are your buy-back prices?

Our buy back prices vary as they are calculated on basis of spot prices, goods' condition and market demand for physical gold and silver in Hong Kong at the time of seller's request. Please contact us for a real time buy back quote.


21.  What is your direct contact?

Please call +852 2511 1130 for information about our products, real time quotes, as well as procedure and pick-up details. Our members of staff will assist you with all your questions.


22.  Why can you not quote fixed prices in emails but on the phone or on the website only?

Please understand that precious metals prices continuously fluctuate due to world markets and quotations might be incorrect before you even receive them. We can only quote prices as of right now. When you do not confirm your order but come to our office later, prices might have accelerated or dropped.


23.  What are your terms and conditions?

Simplified, our terms are goods for cash only. On request customers are handed our terms and conditions leaflet, which contains the same information you can find on this website.


24.  Do I need to open an account with you?

No, you do not need to open any special account with us.