Storage Service


Swiss Investors Gold Storage Service:


You know the advantages of precious metal investments. But are your Gold and Silver assets also well protected? Storing your Gold, Silver and other precious metals safely and hassle-free is of one of the most important factors in precious metal storage.


The Swiss Investors Storage Service allows you to store your precious metals in secure storage facilities on a segregated and allocated basis. You can add, sell or withdraw your precious metals at any time. Easy access to your precious metals, transparent prices and full insurance of your Gold and Silver assets are fundamental.


The Swiss Investors Storage Program offers the following specific advantages:


•     Full insurance coverage of your precious metal assets

•     Hassle-free storage in high-quality secure storage facilities

•     Detailed regular statements to help you stay in control

•     Uncomplicated setup with competitive storage and administrative fees


Annual storage fees including insurance are 1% of the purchase value.


Call (852) 2511 1130 today to receive an exact quotation and to protect your precious metals with Swiss Investors Hong Kong Storage Program.



Global Logistics


Swiss Investors Corporation Ltd. offers worldwide insured transportation of your ordered precious metal goods through our global logistics network at competitive prices. Your ordered precious metals goods will be transported fully insured and delivered to almost any location globally. Charges depend on volume and location. 

For high value high security fully insured transport and storage Swiss Investors Corporation Limited exclusively has accounts, cooperates and/or maintains close business relations with top tier value logistics companies Loomis, Brinks, Malca-Amit, G4S and Ferrari.