About Us

Swiss Investors Corporation Limited 


Swiss Investors Corporation Limited is a registered Hong Kong company. Founded in 2008 by Swiss-Danish and German entrepreneurs the company masters the international turbulences of the investment world by exercising conservative, wealth-preserving strategies. Swiss Investors is specialized in physical trade of precious metal bars and coins made of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Swiss Investors also carries a wide range of Silver Antiques, Fine Jewelry as well as Rare Artwork and Tangible Collectibles. 


Our point of view


We at Swiss Investors believe in investments holding real value such as physical precious metals like Gold and Silver, Commodities, Jewelry, Collectibles and Real Estate. That’s why we exclusively promote products of the highest quality adhering to international standards and regulations.

We seriously question the mainstream investment mentality dominated by a lack of awareness regarding exorbitant price-earning-ratios, hit and run corporate actions within a rollercoaster-like share market formed by companies with huge market capitalizations backed by dubious net asset values and dividend yields below inflation level.

Our trading and consignment activities as well as asset and project management services focus on real value investments and aim to provide the ultimate benefit for our customers: wealth protection.


A world we're all part of 


Our interpretation of recent market developments sees the final stage of a financial system's macro cycle unfolding.

Today’s global financial system's as well as societies' development up to its current disappointing stage was possible by large only due to


•     an inappropriate distribution of financial knowledge through our educational systems followed by the total misconception of money,
•     an acquired inconvenience when dealing with own financial matters,
•     upmost reliance on investment advisors and bank promotion materials,
•     extraordinary poor politics mislead by various lobby groups,
•     Keynesianism and the basic structural defects of our debt-based fractional reserve monetary system.


Our approach


We at Swiss Investors are not financial nor investment advisors. It is our deepest understanding that it is everybody's very own responsibility to grow and protect their own wealth and therefore make individual investment decisions based upon serious efforts to acquire sufficient information. We do not offer services to the so-called broad investing public. We serve sophisticated customers who know exactly what they want and why. 


Our (dis)claim


Every investment bears the risk of losses regarding its price and/or underlying value. Prices of precious metals goods, commodities, antiques, jewelry and collectable items can drop. With the purchase of products from us we guarantee that prices of the goods we promote will never fall 100% of the landed price. By starting this business we as well diversified our private assets by putting money into stockpiled precious metals. We did so because under current circumstances we believed this was the right thing to do.


Any investment bears the risk of losses regarding its price and/or underlying value. Particularly with paper claim investments such loss can reach up to 100% of the invested capital. When exercising various shorting techniques and/or applying leveraged investments losses can even exceed 100% of invested capital when margin calls for additional cover and reserve liability are triggered by unexpected price movements. That’s why we believe that real assets are better to monitor than dubious entitlements. In addition, it's hard to lose what one can embrace with hands and, especially, what lacks any counterparty risks.